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Murder mystery nights

Located in SUn Peaks, BC
Blue Chest Games offers a mobile service that brings the mystery to you. Just provide the address of your location and we will bring everything you need for a night of mystery.

Who will you be?

Step into the role of either suspect or murderer in this unique murder mystery roleplaying game where you must solve the crime or deceive your fellow players. As a suspect you will investigate the murder by examining the evidence and interrogating your fellow players. As the murderer, you will do what you can to deceive your fellow players into believing you are innocent while pretending to investigate the crime.

The game will take place over three rounds and will take 2 - 3 hours to play, depending on group size. Each round will introduce evidence that may further the investigation and at the end of each round you will attempt to guess the identity of the murderer.

Can you solve the murder or will you get away with it? You decide.

Available Scenarios

Murder at the
Knight Owl Theatre

It’s the release party for Black Bat Mountain’s latest album, Lazarus, and despite their past fame this one fell on dead ears. Even the rich and famous can’t escape death’s touch.

Tragedy on the slopes

Her Career long since over. A former gold medalist ski racer tries to relive her glory days during an annual ski retreat. Turns out this year will be her last.

Death of a patriarch

Bernard Kingstone, the wealthy CEO of Kingstone Inc, was recently found dead in his home office. His company is now up for grabs and the members of his immediate family are the prime suspects. 

Who Killed Santa?

This Santa Claus lost sight of the spirit of Christmas and started ruling the North Pole with an iron fist. It was only a matter of time before someone did something about him.

The games feature adult themes and are recommended for players aged 18 and over. 

All characters in the game are purely fictional and any relation to real people, famous or otherwise, are purely coincidental.

Schedule and Pricing

Starting from


Games take 2 - 3 hours depending on group size.

Start time can be adjusted, contact for details. 


6/7 Players:
($38-$44 per player)

8-10 Players:
($28 - $36 per player)

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The games feature adult themes and are recommended for players aged 18 and over. 


Games with groups of over 10 people can be booked. Anyone over the 10 player limit will not be assigned a character and will instead play an investigator for an additional $20 per player over 10. 


If you would like to use your personal outfits to dress up as your character, a brief summary of your character can be provided ahead of time. If you would like to know your characters ahead of time please email me a list of your players names at least 24 hours before your game is scheduled. (

If you would like to play as the murderer please contact me before your game is scheduled to start but DO NOT tell anyone else.


If you wish to cancel your Murder Mystery Party at least 24 hours notice must be given for a refund, a gift certificate for the cost of your party can also be given if you would like to reschedule. If less than 24 hours notice is provided then a gift certificate for the cost of your party will be issued.

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